The Malady of More

Just a typical lazy afternoon and I suddenly had some realizations, after pondering the news of the Pangasinan flesh eating illness reported lately which was actually a false alarm. 

Some people might be really cautious and might think the world is ending because of these plagues. Fortunately the recent incident in the Philippines was declared a hoax by the government’s health organization. 

However, everyone of us had acquired a very hushed yet self degrading disease called the “Malady of more”

Each of us is susceptible to a fast- spreading, undetectable cancer of the heart called the “Malady of More”. This cancer- like growth is diagnosed by one consuming symptom: an unquenchable desire for more. Victims constantly grope for more than what they already have. And guess what? This disease strikes anytime! 

How do I know? Because it’s a natural inclination of the human heart.. we all seem to want more. We desire more than what we already have. We can never be completely content. 

The Malady of more is widespread and its victims are many. Individuals are both great and small: from school yard bullies to globe- trotting billionaires, from desperate housewives to dutiful ministries. This malady has no preference. It claims us one and all. 

An indispensable life lesson, then, is to discover when enough is totally enough. 

Somethings you might ask to your self When is enough… Enough? When will you have enough salary? When will you have enough house? How big should your house be? How many rooms will be enough rooms? When will you have enough thrills? Adrenaline rushes? How close to death can you actually get and still have fun? 

Chasing after Enough- it’s a death defying cycle, isn’t it? 

May this questions be our lifetime assignment. To realize how to appreciate the things that we already have, learn to dream what is enough and live life like we have more than enough! 


Olympic Mascots

So, it’s February and it’s love month! But for some lonely hearts out there this is one thing for us, February is the Olympic Month! The 2014 Winter Olympics (XXII Olympic Games) is being scheduled tomorrow February 7 to February 23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. So all the athletes, sports enthusiasts and all individual around the world is awaiting for this big event.

One of the major highlight for the Olympics is the MASCOT of the games. This year, the Sochi 2014, chose 3 distinct mascots to be in the Winter Olympics (The Leopard, The hare, and the Polar bear). I have here the history of all the awesome Mascots of the last Olympics from 1968 up to 2014! This infographic is very helpful to get to know every mascot!


The image is from

Some of us are probably wondering why we have Mascots in every sport activities, they’re just for kids. True, indeed! Mascots are there to promote and encourage every kid to participate in Sports and athletic lifestyle. The Olympic mascots embody a certain culture of the sponsoring country, thus it promotes the unity of all countries despite some differences!

White Belt


One of the best stories I read was the story of Jigoro Kano, founder of  the martial art Judo. Kano’s story is a lesson and an inspiration for every student in life.

Kano possessed an extraordinary willingness to Learn. He studied the nearly extinct martial arts of Jujitsu and modified it to create modern sport principles now commonly known as Judo. Judo became the defense system of the Japanese police and was the first Eastern martial art to be accepted in international competition at the Olympics.

Kano was really focused in learning improved techniques everyday that he found out new and better ways for Japan to educate its youth. He is known as the Father of Modern Japanese Education. Kano was well respected in athletic, socio and political circles worldwide.

Just before he died, the world renowned martial arts expert called his students together. As the students gathered together to listen to the final words of their sensei, Kano announced:

When you bury me, do not bury me in a black belt! Be sure to bury me in a White Belt!

In martial arts, White belt is a symbol for a beginner, an apprentice who has many thing yet to learn.


Indeed, a lesson of Humility and Eagerness to learn! Kano always believed, despite all his achievements, he has a lot to learn and master.

Each of us, regardless of our ranking in life, must become a lifelong learner. Whether you are a CEO, a Leader, a renowned expert in your own profession, an excellent student or even a simple person —- under all your roles, Always wear a white belt.

Even if you are an expert in your own field, continue to value learning. By continuing to learn, you will continue to be an expert.

The A team, Ed Sheeran

It’s been a week now, since I started listening to this song. The purity of sentiments I feel every time I heed to this song is overpowering. The A team is a single inspired from a Crisis Charity scenario. Ed (Singer), met a woman named Angel, whom shared her unfortunate story as a homeless and drug (Crack) dependent prostitute. Crack is considered a Class-A drug.
The first part of the song indicates the daily routine Angel has to face. Every night (Long nights) she has to walk in the cold streets breathing snowflakes, to be with “strange men” for her to pay her rent though she is struggling. Her life is an unending loop due to her addiction and there is no escape.

The second part of the song (after Chorus), tells us how ill-fated she is. The line “try to swim, stay afloat” means the despairing situation she is having. She may have a dry house but is wearing wet clothes due to the rain and she can’t even have enough money for clothing. Lastly, she may be called a “Call girl” (Prostitute) by all the people around her, but ironically she even does not have a Phone, because she can’t afford.

The chorus resembles the Class-A drug that she habitually take for her to be in a world away from reality. She is a Class-A drug user which is very treacherous for her. The user would need a lot of time before they can recover from the effects of the drug. “Stuck in her daydream” means the side effects she feels as a consistent drug user. A lot of people take drugs just to escape the harsh reality of life. The worst things in life come free to us literally means the difficulties she is facing, the abuse from men and humiliation about her state is freely happening as she strives to afford all the necessities of life. As she take in the drug she slowly sink and waste the life she is having. Under the upper hand means being controlled either by the pimp, the law and the judgmental society. As she go mad for a couple of grams, or the drug she is taking, it is obvious that the Angel is really addicted to drugs.

As I ponder on the song, I realized life is somewhat unfair. Some of us are so damn right about ourselves it makes us wrong. We condemn others after we judge their situation in life. It may be difficult for us to understand their reason but we must help them instead. Nothing is too late and nothing is impossible. We should never rely on to drugs and other means to escape life. If we do so, we destroy the chances we always get as we live life. This song is a reminder for both the drug user and the judgmental society. No matter how great or worst your life may be on this world, eventually all these things would end.

A leader’s dream

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.
-Tom Peters

A cold morning was chilling my bones as I contemplate on things lately. I had a fun time listening and participating in our  EXECOM READINESS TRAINING (EXERT) last night. I felt I was a member again and I really missed how it feels to listen, partake and somewhat be surprised again in activities. As I observed the participants that night I had one thing in my mind that excites me the most.

I want to inspire my members in pursuing their service and being excellent in everything they do.

It maybe a little challenging for us leaders to do it, but I guess it should be one of our objectives. As leaders, we have God given talents and we are bound for greatness. May it be big or small, we are chosen to lead and head on our certain organizations and groups because our previous Leaders, or current members saw the potentials we have. As a leader we ought to be exceptional members, receptive and more importantly we have a heart who is willing to share and sacrifice for others sake.

Wolverine, a life realization

Wolverine, a life realization

The latest Wolverine movie for me is quite a bit not that cool. As an X-men fan I love action, fight scenes and superpowers. Literally speaking, the movie was about Wolverine without powers.

The movie was boring since there were more love scenes, dialogue and discussions about how did Logan(Wolverine) managed to heal himself without his regenerating ability. The movie on the brighter side shows every superhero has a certain weakness. Like Superman against Kryptonite, Venom against Fire and Wonder Woman’s powerless when tied up. But these weaknesses never hindered them become the greatest Hero/Villain in their times. Everyone know how fragile Superman is with Kryptonite, but people still love him and in fact he is considered as one of the most popular superheroes in history. As a normal human we are bound for different weaknesses, it maybe our family, our friends and even ourselves. But as we live life we realized this weaknesses makes us stronger and makes us who we really are. These Weaknesses reveal our real identity and lastly these are the things that would eventually make us stronger when we manage to overcome them.